Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Free Khmer Krom people

We, the Khmer Krom people around the world, would like to bring to your attention the horrifying genocide against the Khmer Krom people in South Vietnam by the Vietnamese government. We seek your support to help our people to have the rights of self-determination.

Since the Vietnamese people illegally immigrated to live in our homeland, Kampuchea Krom, and especially after June 4th 1949 when the French government illegally transferred the Kampuchea Krom territory to the Vietnamese government without a plebiscite of the international law, millions of the Khmer Krom were forced to flee their homeland, and as a result, thousands were killed and many imprisoned. Moreover, many dignitary and intellectual Khmer Krom people were massacred murdered, and cremated alive. Our people's lands were confiscated, and our people were forced to forsake their fundamental rights, which included the abandonment of practicing our own religion, wearing traditional attire, and learn our own history and language. Our Buddhist followers continue to be persecuted. Our temples are being destroyed. Our people do not have freedom of speech.

The Vietnamese government has committed crimes of genocide against our people in the following periods:
1) During WWII in 1945, tens of thousands of Khmer Krom had been cremated alive.
2) From 1976 to 1979, thousands of Khmer Krom had been massacred across all Mekong Delta provinces.
3) In 1978, systematic forced evacuation and robberies occurred on Khmer properties, including Buddhist temples in the entire province of An Giang (Moat Chrouk).
4) From 1984 to 1990, when Venerable Kim Toc Chuong, and many other Buddhist Monks including thousands of Khmer Krom people, were murdered and persecuted in the province of Travinh and Vinh Long.
5) The murder of Venerable Lam Khen in July 2002 which took place in Tuklaok Temple, Vi Thuy district, Can Tho Province.

As of today, the Vietnamese government continues to violate Human Rights with the incessant abuse towards Khmer Krom. Almost three thousand Khmer Krom people are blind now in Soc Trang (Khleang) province, but the Vietnamese government does not provide any health assistance. Our surviving Khmer Krom people continue to suffer under the colonization of the Vietnamese government.

We would like to seek your generous support to help our people to have self-determination. When our people have self-determination, we will have the fundamental rights as other people living in this world, and while maintaining peace, and political stablity in Vietnam and the surrounding region.
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