Thursday, 21 May 2009

600 illegal Khmer workers repatriated from Thailand everyday

Source: Reaksmei Kampuchea newspaper
Reported in English by Khmerization

Between 300 to 600 illegal Khmer workers had been repatriated from Thailand everyday through Poipet International Checkpoint, reports Reaksmei Kampuchea.

Illegal workers waited to be sent home to Cambodia by Thai police.

Border officials said that the repatriation figures for 2009 had been much higher than the figures from previous years.

Mr. Ny Theara, head of the workers right group called PROMA said that the figures for legal workers accepted to work in Thailand had decreased and that the figures for the repatriation of illegal workers had increased dramatically.

According to Reaksmei Kampuchea, there are also claims that many Khmer illegal workers had been wounded and killed by Thai border troops when they crossed the borders to work in Thailand. Mr. Ny Theara said that even if these workers had entered Thailand illegally, Thai troops should not commit human right abuses against them by wounding them or killing them, said Mr. Ny Theara.

According to reports, in the first 5 months of 2009 there are increasing numbers of incidents of Thai border police wounding and killing illegal Khmer workers and the perpetrators have not been brought to justice, reports Reaksmei Kampuchea.
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